Our Story

Our aim is to help and support under-privileged women and children. Harmoni is a cooperative consisting of 20 women joined together on a quest to ensure women’s socio-economic development and growth in order for them to build strong futures for themselves and their children.

Harmoni works to emphasise the worthiness and dignity of women in the work force of Turkey. By allowing and encouraging women to work, women are able contribute to the economy and the production as well as generate new friendships and cooperations.

Harmoni believes in every woman’s chance to grow all life long, to create new things and allow new ideas to form while working for and in a contemporary society.

In our production we celebrate every woman’s work, regardless if the input is small or large, professional or amateur. Diversity only makes the society stronger and together we can grow and expand ourselves and our capacities.

Due to international funding we’ve been able to both attend and later conduct vocational trainings in the field of social life development. Our outreach goes to more than 160 women in our area to whom we also offer opportunity to generate an income.

We have been funded by Koç University’s Social Impact Forum Change through an ethical business project., Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy through a program getting the certificate of social entrepreneur ship. Furthermore we’ve been funded by TAMEB, through whom we received training and design advise from an Danish Designer.

During our ongoing projects, we keep drawing knowledge from the programs we’ve followed so far and we are constantly renewing our professional and social education. As such we find ourselves increasingly able to offer job opportunities to our fellow women.

Other projects we are involved with is FSWW (Foundation for Women’s Work), in cooperation with Heart Tree Project , Petrol Ofisi, for a recyclable bag production.

Everyone is invited to become part of our story. Please join us on our quest to enhance the socio-economic life of women in Turkey.

Our Vision

To create strong bonds of business, productivity, friendship, cooperation and hope. To work and grow together and be role models for our children by supporting productive women in a modern society and help build a future for ourselves and our children.


Our Mission

To allow women to contribute in the form they are able to. To support women with necessary trainings so that they may be provided with the proper skills to pursue dignified job opportunities.

Our Promise

The contemporary world demands from us that both men and women contribute to the economy. Embracing this, women are able to lead dignified lives playing crucial parts in the society. It is our aim to provide the opportunity for periodic or regular jobs, depending on our demands. Because for us women in Harmoni this is important.

Our Partners